Left: Tom in studio producing Stone River; Right: Tom working in studio with Harm.

Tom working in the studio.

Tom in studio producing Saukrates and mixing Nike commercial for PK Subban featuring Saukrates and OB O'Brien.

Tom working in the studio.

Tom in the studio with Melissa-Bel, Cory Barnes and 
guitarist Sean Ashby.

Tom working in the studio with The Respectables.

Tom at DNA studio producing Quebec act The Respectables.

Tom working in the studio with OB O'Brien

Tom at DNA studios mixing some demos for OB O'Brien whom he signed to Frostbyte for development, OB later signed to OVO (Drake's label), OB is 2nd from far right.

The Breit Bros

This is an act Tom signed to RCA in New York when he was a talent scout for the company, he also produced the album at various studios around the world.

Full Discography

True Myth True Myth Warner Bros. ***#
Demics Demics Hypnotic Records
Fictions Fictions Hypnotic Records
Indio (Gord Peterson) Big Harvest A&M Records *#
Darkroom Darkroom Warner Bros.
Spoons Bridges Over Borders Polygram #
Deadbeat Honeymooners Deadbeat Honeymooners Anthem/Polygram #
Smash Palace Smash Palace Epic/Sony US #
Honeymoon Suite Honeymoon Suite Warner Bros. (4x platinum) #
Helix No Rest for the Wicked Capitol/EMI (platinum) #
Helix Walking the Razor's Edge Capitol/EMI (2x platinum) #
Helix Long Way to Heaven Capitol/EMI US (platinum) #
Helix It's a Business Doing Pleasure Aquarius/EMI (gold) #
Breit Bros. Breit Bros. RCA/BMG #
Autograph Autograph RCA/BMG (gold) #
Gypsy Rose Gypsy Rose Simmons/RCA ***#
Figgy Duff Figgy Duff Hypnotic/A&M
Figgy Duff After the Tempest Hypnotic/A&M
Figgy Duff Weather Out the Storm Hypnotic/A&M
Big Sugar Big Sugar Hypnotic/A&M (gold) #
Big Sugar 500 Pounds Hypnotic/A&M (gold) *#
Chris Spedding “New York City”
from the album Café Days
Look People Boogazm Hypnotic/A&M
Voivod Negatron Hypnotic/A&M **#
Voivod Phobos Hypnotic/A&M **#
Grimskunk “Raise a Little Hell”
from the soundtrack for Fubar
Grimskunk Field Trip Hypnotic/Universal *
Memory Bank Litany and Lethargy Linus/Warner
Everything at Once Everything at Once Linus/Warner #
Rob Lamothe Long Lazy Curve Fallen Sky/Cargo Europe
Zeroscape Till Death Do Us Bad Reputation/Cargo (Europe only)
The Joys EP Unfold eOne (gold) ***
Stone River Valley of the Butterflies Fallensky/eOne Europe
Melissa Bel Brave Fallensky/eOne Europe
Honeymoon Suite Clifton Hill eOne # (Europe/Japan, Frontiers)
Saukrates Season One Frostbyte/Universal #
Harm Nine Frostbyte/eOne #
The Respectables Why Can't You See Me? (single) Frostbyte/Universal

* Executive Producer
** A&R/Executive Producer
***Songwriting Credit
# Simultaneous US Release

Tom with Darkroom

Tom in his early days producing the Canadian act Darkroom for the Warner label in Buckinghamshire UK, the pic is outside of the Farmyard studios where Tom also produced and mixed Honeymoon Suite's first album.

Tom with Darkroom

Tom deep in thought at Farmyard studio whilst mixing Darkroom.

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