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Tom Treumuth possesses hands-on experience in the music industry encompassing virtually every aspect of the business. Over his career, Treumuth has been involved in A&R signing acts to RCA/BMG (USA), record company ownership ( Hypnotic Records), recording studio ownership, marketing, promotion, advertising, musicianship and songwriting ( signed as a writer to RCA/BMG), artist management, manufacturing, concert promotion and booking, retail distribution, record production ( 10 Gold and Platinum albums), and domestic/international licensing of music CD's and DVD's. Read below for more details.

A graduate of the Music Production program at Fanshawe College (London, ON), Treumuth formed his own band, TRUE MYTH, whose debut album was co-produced by Treumuth and legendary producer JACK RICHARDSON ( Guess Who, Bob Seger). The debut which was the world's FIRST rock digital recording was released internationally on Warner Music and established Treumuth as a musician, songwriter, arranger and producer. (Due to pent up demand over the years it was released on CD in Japan recently on the prestigious Marquee label as the album originally only appeared on vinyl).

After letting True Myth run its course after releasing a 2nd well received album engineered by Daniel Lanois, Treumuth quickly began notching up production credits with his work on debut hit albums for Warner's HONEYMOON SUITE (now 4x Platinum) and Capitol/EMI's HELIX (2x Platinum). Both albums were nominated for Album of the Year at the Juno Awards and achieved high sales positions on the Billboard chart in the United States. Other production work included two additional HELIX albums (both achieved Platinum status), the SPOONS (Polygram US), DARKROOM (Warner), THE DEADBEAT HONEYMOONERS (Anthem), SMASH PALACE (CBS USA), AUTOGRAPH (RCA USA) as well as the discovery and development of GORD PETERSON/INDIO, who was subsequently signed by Treumuth directly to A&M (USA).

Due to his skill in discovering and producing new talent, Treumuth was subsequently appointed as A&R representative for RCA RECORDS NEW YORK by President Bob Buziak. He was also given his own production company, HYPNOTIC, through which to find and develop talent. One of Treumuth's discoveries was hard rock act GYPSY ROSE, which he co-managed with GENE SIMMONS (KISS). Treumuth's success also as co-producer and co-writer for GYPSY ROSE resulted in a position as writer with the US arm of BMG Music Publishing. Another of Treumuth's discoveries, the BREIT BROTHERS, featured whiz guitarist Kevin Breit, who later toured, recorded and wrote with Norah Jones.

Treumuth was also involved in the signing of the COWBOY JUNKIES during his 5 year tenure at RCA Records in the USA.

To meet the increasing demand for his production work, Treumuth opened Hypnotic Studios in downtown Toronto. He subsequently formed Hypnotic Records as an outlet for his production efforts and scored a major distribution deal with A&M/Polygram in Canada. Through Hypnotic, Treumuth discovered, produced and orchestrated worldwide success for BIG SUGAR, which culminated in platinum sales in Canada and international success through SILVERTONE/RCA. BIG SUGAR was awarded a Dutch Grammy Award in Holland for its debut album, produced by Treumuth. Also through Hypnotic Records, Treumuth compiled two successful dance compilations – one featuring material and mixes by BARRY HARRIS, who later became the No. 1 dance mixer in the world as “Thunderpuss”. Treumuth also licensed exclusive rights to the ICHIBAN label from Atlanta, which resulted in the national #1 hit “WHOOT THERE IT IS”.

Hypnotic quickly earned a reputation as one of Canada's best independent labels by successfully releasing product in Canada and then licensing the albums to foreign territories to prestigious companies like PLAY IT AGAIN SAM which released Hypnotic releases all across Europe. For artists such as BIG SUGAR, VOIVOD, FIGGY DUFF, LOOK PEOPLE, ANNIHILATOR, SONS OF OTIS, DEMICS, RAZOR, HEAVEN'S CRY, ANVIL, OBLIVEON, KATAKLYSM, and guitarist PHILIP SAYCE (who spent a few years touring with Melissa Etheridge) these acts all received international releases with most of them also getting a release in the US and Japan. Hypnotic's emerging success resulted in a new joint venture deal with Universal Music, which paid off for both parties when world beat punk artists GRIMSKUNK from Quebec sold close to gold status on the album “Fieldtrip” under the Hypnotic/Universal partnership.

After close to 6 years with Universal but seeking more independence, Treumuth then established his own Canada-wide retail distribution network selling directly to independent stores and all the major chains. Called TNT Distribution Treumuth immediately picked up US based music DVD company MUSIC VIDEO DISTRIBUTORS as an exclusive client and with its major success at retail then released the successful North American DVD for Finnish goth act NIGHTWISH. Sales exceeded 25,000 copies across North America as a result of the band's popularity and forthcoming record deal with Roadrunner/Universal.

In order to acquire more control over the manufacturing of CD and DVD product, Treumuth then began a long-standing partnership with Lewiston based Magnetic Air Production in the business of record manufacturing. This successful partnership resulted in Treumuth working with such well-known clients as TOYOTA, WYNTON MARSALIS, Toronto Jazz Station FM 91.1, CHERRY LANE MUSIC PUBLISHING (for an Elvis Presley compilation) and many others.

Eager to return to artist management after working closely with Gene Simmons earlier in his career, Treumuth resurrected Hypnotic Management in 2001. Treumuth's work with his first client KAZZER from Hamilton resulted in him orchestrating a major US direct signing with EPIC/SONY and the release of KAZZER's album, “Go for Broke” in 12 international territories. During this time, Treumuth managed KAZZER in conjunction with Los Angeles-based Handprint Entertainment (Jennifer Lopez, Red Hot Chili Peppers). The album's hit single, “Pedal to the Metal” was featured in blockbuster film The Italian Job, Fox Searchlight film Catch that Kid and hit television show Malcolm in the Middle. The single was also licensed to various video games and featured at numerous large scale sporting events worldwide including the Olympics. Kazzer with Treumuth and a full band toured all over Europe, the US and Canada during the extensive international campaign resulting in chart positions in many territories.

Treumuth then accepted an appointment as Director of International licensing for LINUS/Universal Entertainment in 2004. During his brief tenure he co-managed JUNO award winner jazz diva SOPHIE MILMAN and produced the debut album of hard rock outfit EVERYTHING AT ONCE as well as finding them and others releases internationally focusing on Germany, UK and Japan. Treumuth also arranged for Linus to administratively take care of his Hypnotic catalogue where it remains today encompassing around 20 titles.

Treumuth departed LINUS in 2005 to assume full-time management duties for HONEYMOON SUITE ( 2005-2011) and also return to his first love -- record production. However after bringing HONEYMOON SUITE to the Live Tour Artists Agency roster Treumuth also became a part time agent when time allowed. He subsequently ended up booking shows not only for the Live Tour Artists Agency but also The Canadian Classic Rock Agency here he was involved in booking acts into theatres, clubs, casinos, fairs and festivals. Some of the acts Tom booked as an agent were Canadian acts Honeymoon Suite, The Spoons and acts from the USA such as Night Ranger, Edgar Winter, The Beach Boys, Dennis DeYoung (Styx) and many others too numerous to mention. In 2007 whilst busy doing the above, Treumuth also managed and orchestrated the first American tour in 17 years for former USA MCA platinum act STEELHEART, featuring Miljenko Matijevic. (who performed the singing for Mark Wahlberg in the Hollywood film Rock Star).

Other Newsworthy Treumuth related music tidbits


A song by Treumuth’s early discovery, GORD PETERSON (released as INDIO by Columbia US) was covered recently by EDDIE VEDDER (Pearl Jam) on the soundtrack of the blockbuster film, Into the Wild, directed by SEAN PENN.  The song, “Hard Sun”, was released as the first single off the soundtrack and it became a radio hit helping promote the new solo/soundtrack album for Eddie Vedder.


Another one of Treumuth's many associations became a major international success a few years ago as Anvil who Treumuth signed and distributed via his Hypnotic label in Canada finally received their due recognition via a critically acclaimed music documentary. It aired everywhere in the world including movie theatres and sold major quantities worldwide at retail. Hypnotic released 5 Anvil albums in Canada and Treumuth also secured their record deals In Europe and Japan. Anvil playing a massive concert in Japan at the ending of the documentary is the pinnacle of their successful climb to the top of the metal world. Tom is thanked by Anvil for his help in their career in their best selling book.

The following are some of Tom's music productions incorporating producing and or mixing over the last few years:


This debut release received great critical acclaim, airplay and profile all over Europe as well as major airplay in Canada. They just returned from a successful European tour after releasing their 2nd album.


Her debut album titled BRAVE was released all over Europe and featured guitarist Sean Ashby from Sarah McLachlan. The album received excellent reviews in various major German magazines comparing some of Melissa's songs and singing to a young Janis Joplin. With her impressive radio /press success she then completed her first tour of Germany sponsored by one of Germany's biggest magazines. In 2013 she released a brand new EP on Frostbyte/Universal which contained one song Tom also produced called “Coffee on my Jeans”.

  • The JOYS

Their initial independently released EP achieved certified GOLD status in Canada. Treumuth also co-wrote 4 songs with the band.


Treumuth produced and mixed the last HMS album titled Clifton Hill which reunited him with the band as producer. His production on their debut album is now 4x Platinum in Canada and one of the top selling records of all time in Canada. The new album was released worldwide on the prestigious Frontiers label with E1 handling the release in Canada and the US.


Treumuth co produced and mixed some songs on the latest SAUKRATES album called Season One. The Frostbyte/Universal album also includes the song “Say I” featuring Montreal Canadien PK SUBBAN which Tom mixed for a NIKE commercial. It ended up being a viral sensation getting over a couple of million views.


Tom also mixed a few songs for OB OBRIEN ( see below) including the song “Hamilton” his ode to his hometown.

CURRENT ( 2011 to end of 2014)


Tom was until recently partners with Dominique and Albert Zgarka in a worldwide entertainment company called Frostbyte Media Inc. which was distributed by Universal Music. Handling both roles as Co Managing Director and SR Director of A&R under Tom's A&R watch many exciting situations happened:

  • Frostbyte signed and released a new MATT GOOD album worldwide ( Arrows of Desire) with Tom also handling international label activities along with arranging for Matt to play his first solo acoustic shows in London, UK ( Both sold out). The album received a nomination for a JUNO Award for best Rock Album in 2014.

  • Frostbyte signed the HEADSTONES after a 10 year gap between albums and released the album worldwide with Tom again also handling international activities. The album received a nomination for a JUNO Award for the Best Rock Album in 2014.

  • Frostbyte signed hip hop artist OB Obrien from Hamilton who after a couple of years of development was signed via an arrangement with Frostbyte to DRAKE'S OVO label. (Tom brought OB to the company when the company first started).

  • Frostbyte signed singer songwriter Ben Stevenson from Toronto. Ben launched his debut EP distributed by Universal to great critical acclaim.

  • Frostbyte signed LES STROUD AKA Survivorman with Tom also quarterbacking the pledge campaign.

  • Frostbyte signed iconic rapper SAUKRATES with Tom co producing and mixing a variety of tracks on his Season One album including the very successful Nike commercial song “Say I” featuring Saukrates and PK Subban.

  • Frostbyte with Tom's metal and hard rock expertise signed Loudness from Japan, Breed 77 from the UK, Before the Dawn from Scandinavia, The Last Vegas from the US, Seven Witches from the US, Engel from Sweden and Harm from Canada who Tom also produced. All were released on E1 in the US with at one time all 6 of these releases charting simultaneously on the influential CMJ college radio charts.

In summary whilst working closely with UNIVERSAL Tom handled:

International activities, sync licenses, tour/ management, publishing consulting, pledge campaign planning and production and mixing work for a number of Frostbyte acts. Tom as well put together their in house recording studio.

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