Tom has successfully worked in international markets as a record producer, A&R talent scout and label owner/president since the beginning of his career. With current partners ILS Distribution with Universal Caroline handling worldwide physical and digital distribution, Tom is in a unique position to help artists get their music heard on the world stage. With top PR companies aboard for markets like Germany (3rd largest market in the world) and the UK, Tom can help create the buzz and anticipation that is needed for a successful international release in todays new ever changing wild west music climate.

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Left: Promo poster of Melissa Bel on tour in Germany after receiving rave reviews for her album from German press
Right: Poster ad with great album review clips used for Stone River in major German magazines which resulted in Stone River touring Europe

A few pics of Tom whilst traveling and enjoying good times

Tom with Matt Good and Melissa Bel

Tom in UK where he arranged for Matt Good with Melissa bel opening to play a couple of showcase dates for his Frostbyte release in Europe, Bernie Breen Matt's manager also came over and is far right.

Tom with Rashmi Patani

Tom in vineyard in Majorca Spain at Soulfood Distributors meeting with RSK managing director Rashmi Patani.

Tom with Kazzer in Stokholm

Tom in the ice palace in Stockholm on tour with Kazzer whilst promoting his release on Epic Records.


Tom on tour with Steelheart in Florida.

Tom and Albert standing in front of the Coliseum in Rome

Frostbyte co-managing directors Tom and Albert Zgarka on the way to music convention Midem in Cannes France via Rome and doing some sightseeing beforehand.

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